Assembly Chart: Cassini's map

Assembly Chart: Cassini's map

The assembly chart of the Cassini Map: the culmination of a titanic work

The famous Cassini map was made in the 18th century by the Cassini family. It was the first such precise map of the whole of France thanks to the triangulation work carried out in the four corners of France. The assembly table is only the culmination of this work.

Characteristics of the Cassini Map assembly chart

  • The Cassini map is made up of 181 sheets, or 180 cards (sheet 160 being integrated into 131). Discover the different sheets here.
  • The sheets are numbered from 1 to 181 starting from Paris.
  • Corsica and Île d'Yeu were not noted and are therefore not part of the assembly table. Also, Savoie, Haute-Savoie and part of the Alpes-Maritimes not being part of the Kingdom of France at the time were not integrated.
  • The Cassini map was produced at the scale of one line per hundred toises, i.e. a scale of 1:86,400. This represents maps, when these are standard, of 78x49km.

Image of the Cassini Map assembly chart