Framing your old geographic maps: tips and tricks

Framing your old geographic maps: tips and tricks

Framing is often seen as a challenge, whether for old maps or other works of art. We sometimes hesitate to buy these precious cards, fearing the complexity of their framing. However, you should not be discouraged! Of course, frames made by artisans are often the most sublime and careful. But fortunately, there is no shortage of affordable solutions, even with just a few minutes and a computer!

What you need to know to frame your old cards

Before you begin framing your antique map, it is crucial to know two key elements.

Check the material of your map

Most are made of paper, which makes them relatively easy to frame. However, some are "canvassed", that is to say the paper is glued to a canvas for greater strength. Cassini maps are an example. For the latter, it is recommended to call on a specialist for optimal results because the canvas adds thickness and folds that are more complicated to manage than a simple thickness of paper.

Make sure you know the exact dimensions of your card

Most sellers specify the paper size (I do!). This is a good start but you will also need to have the size of the printed area (total size minus the margins). This information is crucial for choosing the right mat and covering the margins appropriately. If you need this information on one of my cards, do not hesitate to ask me via chat or by contacting me.

Carry out your framing after receiving your card

When you have an idea in mind, you can be in a hurry to realize it, but be careful not to put the cart before the horse! It is best to wait until you have purchased and received your card to choose your frame. Indeed, the colors of the card can vary significantly between the photos and reality. And it should also be taken into account that old cards sometimes have small tears on the edges. It is therefore preferable to read it in detail in order to adapt the size of your master key.

The use of standard frames to frame old maps

A practical and economical solution is to opt for standard frames. Nowadays, many sites offer a variety of frames and mats of various sizes and colors. This is a very suitable option, especially for those who want a satisfactory result without breaking the bank.You will find many local websites proposing standard frames.

Creating a custom frame online

For those looking for a more personalized touch, there are now sites to design custom frames online. Although this may involve a slightly higher budget, it may be worth it for special sized cards or for those looking for a nice finish. Take the time to provide accurate dimensional information and do not hesitate to contact customer service if in doubt! Some online platforms offer this practical and tailor-made possibility.

Call a specialist

Finally, for those who prioritize superior quality and impeccable finishes, calling on a professional framer remains the best option. Although this may result in a higher cost, it ensures an optimal result. Depending on who you call, the size of your old card and your wishes, you will need to count on one hundred to several hundred euros. It is recommended to find a framer near you for a more personalized experience and custom work.


Framing your old maps is not as intimidating as you might think! With the right knowledge and resources, it is entirely possible to achieve stunning results without breaking the bank. Whether you opt for standard frames, custom frames online or call on a professional, the important thing is to choose the option that best suits your needs and your budget. So, don’t hesitate to frame your precious cards and display them proudly in your home!