Old maps: a timeless decorative element

Old maps: a timeless decorative element

In the world of interior design, old geographic maps stand out as treasures that are both aesthetic and evocative. Their presence in a residential or commercial space adds a unique dimension, inviting observers to travel through time and space. Much more than simple decorative objects, old maps are precious witnesses of history, meticulously crafted works of art and bearers of captivating stories. By exhibiting them, we therefore offer our environment a tangible link to the past, where fluctuating borders and cartographic discoveries reveal the deep layers of our human history.

The old map, a work of art

Ancient maps transcend their initial function as simple navigation tools to become true artistic masterpieces. The result of a collaboration between geographers, cartographers and engravers, they represent a harmonious fusion of science, geography, politics and art. Every detail, every line drawn on the paper, is the result of meticulous and passionate work. The texture of the paper, the nuances of color and the precision of the illustrations testify to the know-how and creativity of the artisans who designed them. By displaying an ancient map, we celebrate not only its captivating aesthetic, but also its cultural and historical heritage.

Decorating an interior with a canvas-covered Cassini map

The ancient geographical map, beyond the decoration, the evocation

Beyond their visual appeal, ancient maps have the power to evoke deep emotions and intimate memories. They transport us to distant lands, bygone eras and unforgettable adventures. For those who display them at home, they become windows open to the world, invitations to exploration and discovery. Each ancient map tells a unique story, reflecting the aspirations, conflicts and triumphs of humanity. They allow us to connect with our past, relive moments of nostalgia and share our experiences with others.

Sober interior decoration with an old illustrated map of Charente-Maritime

To decorate well, frame well!

Framing old geographic maps is of crucial importance to highlight their beauty and meaning. The choice of frame, mat and location must be made carefully, taking into account the overall aesthetic of the space. In my experience, dark or even black frames and mats highlight the vibrant colors and minute details of old maps, creating a striking contrast. Well framed, these cards become centerpieces of any interior decoration, arousing the admiration and wonder of all those who contemplate them.


In short, old geographic maps are not simply decorative objects, but living witnesses to our common history. Their presence in our living and working spaces reminds us of the richness of our cultural heritage and the diversity of our world. By displaying and preserving them with care, we perpetuate the memory of those who drew these lines on paper and those who used them. If you also want to decorate your interiors with beautiful cards, don't hesitate to discover my old illustrated maps !