Old maps of the English Channel

Discover my collection of old geographical maps of the Manche. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of this department through authentic General Staff maps, IGN, Nautical charts... Perfect for history buffs, collectors or as a gift.

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Immerse yourself in the History of France thanks to my old maps of the English Channel. The historic region of Normandy, rich in its cultural heritage and its magnificent towns such as Cherbourg and Granville, offers so much to discover. I offer you maps targeting specific areas, cities, or even the entire department like this old illustrated map of the Manche.

I offer you various representations of the Channel: old nautical charts, old General Staff maps, Cassini maps...

At Vos Carte Ancienne, I am committed to offering you quality historical plans and maps of France and the World. In the North West, for example, you will find many old maps of Normandy, old maps of Brittany but also illustrated maps of Ille-et-Vilaine, old maps of Mayenne, old maps of Calvados