The Assembly Chart, a key cartographic element

The Assembly Chart, a key cartographic element

In cartography, an assembly chart is a tool used to facilitate the visualization of large-scale geographic maps.

The assembly table, a precise grid system

It is a grid system that divides a given geographic region into different sections, each representing a specific map. Each section is identified by a unique reference, usually based on geographic coordinates or grid numbers.

Example: the assembly chart of the Map of France from the Vicinal Service

The assembly chart, an advantage for cartographers...

The assembly chart allows mapmakers to work on more manageable pieces of the map, drawing them individually before assembling them to form a complete map of the region. This also makes it easier to update or change specific parts of the map without having to redo the entire document.

And the readers!

In addition, the assembly table is useful for end users who can more easily identify the board they need.