Old maps of Austria

Discover my collection of old maps of Austria. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of this country with authentic maps. To discover Europe, do not hesitate to explore my old maps of Germany or the Czech Republic. Perfect for history lovers, collectors or as a gift.

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Discover Austria through the ages with my old maps of Austria. The magnificent city of Vienna and its surroundings have witnessed great moments in history and benefit from a strong European culture. Discover its history and its secrets thanks to my authentic maps of specific areas, cities, or even the entire country.

At Vos Carte Ancienne, I am committed to offering you quality historical plans and maps of France and the World. In Central Europe, for example, you will find many old maps of Germany and Poland. Further south, I also have old maps of Italy and Balkans. And of course, in the Alps, don't miss my old maps of Switzerland.