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Old IGN map of Montmédy and its surroundings

Old IGN map of Montmédy and its surroundings

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This old IGN map entitled "Montmédy" (sheet O-5) at a scale of 1:100,000 was printed between 1954 and 1985 on fine paper measuring 73x56cm.

Attention !

The photo of the map does not match exactly what you will receive. As the maps sold are all original, the condition and printing dates may be significantly different.

List of towns and villages represented:

Lexy, Réhon, Cosnes-et-Romain, Gorcy, Tellancourt, St-Pancré, Ville-Houdlémont, Allondrelle, Velosnes, Villécloye, Verneuil-Grand, Montmédy, Verneuil-Petit, Thonne-la-Long, Avioth, Thonnelle, Breux , Vigneul-sous-Montmédy, Chauvency-le-Château, Chauvency-St-Hubert, Brouennes, Nepvant, Lamouilly, Bièvres, Olizy-sur-Chiers, la Ferté-sur-Chiers, Signy-Montlibert, Thonne-le-Thil, Margut, Villy, Moiry, Fromy, Sapogne-sur-Marche, Herbeuval, Margny, Auflance, Puilly-et-Charbeaux, Linay, Mogues, les Deux-Villes, Tremblois-lès-Carignan, Williers, Matton-et-Clémency, Cervizy, Cesse, Luzy-St-Martin, Martincourt-sur-Meuse, Inor, Beaumont-en-Argonne, Autreville-St-Lambert, Pouilly-sur-Meuse, Létanne, Malandry, Villemontry, Moulins-St-Hubert, Sailly, Vaux -lès-Mouzon, Mouzon, Blagny, Carignan, Tétaigne, Brévilly, Douzy, Pouru-St-Rémy, Sachy, Pure, Osnes, Messincourt, Escombres-et-le-Chesnois, Pouru-aux-Bois, Pouru-St-Rémy, Francheval

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